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The environment’s a major issue and Scottsdale real estate has no privacy.

Scottsdale noise, lead Barbies and The Cheesecake Factory give Jean stress.

Scottsdale socialites are hysterical over a botax; the rats have invaded and kids are rude.

Dating in Scottsdale, parents with paranoia and stolen Scottsdale appliances.

Learn about the Greenbuild Conference and a Scottsdale party and BigBelly products.

Troon Highlands Estates, a tony Scottsdale neighborhood with gorgeous mountain views, is having stress and the riffraff may be causing it! Besides, there’s a divorce party in Paris!

A trip to the farmer’s market, a young woman falling off a pole dancing demo and spa food give Jean stress.

Learn more about a Scottsdale environmental party and impotence problems in China.

Scottsdale is Stylish If I’m going some place with Glee she tells me to dress “Scottsdale“. Now I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I think I’m supposed to overdress and leave my Birkenstocks at home. Of course I always carry my tote bag loaded with everything from binkies to a paring knife I […]

Riffraff in the ‘Hood Scottsdale and its tony neighbor, Paradise Valley, are ritzy areas that have lots of upscale residents.  By that I mean, not everyone goes food shopping in designer outfits. Some residents wear jogging suits with JUICY written across their tushes. When I see them I think I’m living in a fancy Olympic […]