More Stressed Than Ever!

I’m handling email, faxes and snail mail. My mother. An ADD husband. An incontinent dog. That’s enough! Lara, my daughter, and Michael, my son, started nudging me a year ago to be on Facebook and Twitter. Why? Who cares if I washed my hands other than Maury? Why do I want to know one of their pregnant friends has gas? So what if someone was dressed as a bear for Halloween?Why are we so curious as to what people we knew years ago are doing right this minute? Because everyone is doing it!

Jean Rubin Meets Carra Riley

So those rotten kids volunteered my name to be interviewed on blog talk radio on Wednesday, November 4 at 9 AM Arizona time to see how technology is enhancing my life. IT”S NOT! I am beyond Stressed in Scottsdale trying to respond to all the messages and my ringing/beeping cell phone. But, if you want to listen in and hear me make a fool of myself, here’s what you do: OR you can call in and ask me a hard question: 347-994-1903. Don’t forget we’re the only state that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time so 9 AM here is 8 AM in California or 11 AM on the east coast. That’s really annoying…and guess what? It gives me STRESS!

Why Dust Is Nasty in Your Home Environment

After my kids hijacked me to do the radio blog talk show I picked up the paper and found something so bizarre I almost spit out my herbal tea. Researchers from right here at University of Arizona analyzed dust–don’t they have serums to make and cures to find?–and found that the stuff accumulating on top of our book shelves and entertainment centers contain–I can’t make this stuff up–SKIN! That’s right! Seems we’re shedding all the time and it floats up in the air and pieces of dead skin are laying around our house. If I stop dusting will I accumulate a whole person? There’s also arsenic and traces of lead in it. Now I’m really grossed out. It originates outdoors and comes in through open doors and windows or our shoes. Wait ’til I tell Maury he can’t wear shoes in the house anymore. And I’d better get right over to Lara’s and get the toy from under the sofa out of Jacob’s mouth!

3 Responses to “So Stressed I’m Interviewed on Blog Talk Radio and Dust Is Nasty”

  1. Angela Damien Says:

    OMG…. that dust and skin is what the vacuum sales people talk about and now you tell me it is true! I just kicked a salesman out of the house… she came in and said they were going to clean 2 area rugs for free… and it was only advertising I could not pay them… long story short.. after 10 black pieces of fabric all laid out on the floor showing all the dust after vacuuming… and now skin… I could not take it one more minute… kicked her out and made her pack up and go. What was I thinking????

    BTW…. sounds kind of fun to hear you on the blog talk radio show… so will tune in on Wednesday.

  2. Jean Rubin Says:

    Angela–Those people will tell you anything to sell a vacuum! I’m already paranoid about shaking hands because of H1N1 and now the dust I stir up could do me in! Everything is stressful.

  3. Angela Damien Says:


    I listened to the show and loved it! You did great girlfriend!

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