Even Camels Have Stress

Honestly, I read the paper and then have to cut out articles to save for my kids, my mother or dear friends, but today Maury handed me an article he’d thought I’d enjoy. I cannot make this stuff up! The recession has hit camel traders in Egypt so hard that the ones from Somalia are bringing in a lower price. The Somalian ones do not behave well running away and behaving in a stubborn manner, sort of like the grandkids when we’re baby sitting. “Stop that camel behavior this minute!” In case you didn’t know camels can be healthy one day and die the next. If they don’t behave, they eat them, $2.90 a pound which is cheaper than mutton. I will mention this to an upscale Scottsdalian standing next to me who complains about AJ’s prices at the meat counter. Or I’ll tell the kids if they don’t shape up, I’ll eat them.

Can a La-Z-Boy Reduce Stress?

Dennis Anderson in Minnesota was arrested for driving his converted La-Z-Boy chair with stereo, cup holder and steering wheel in an inebriated state.His gasoline- powered lawnmower has headlights and an antenna and will be up for sale at the next police auction since he ran into a car. Maury’s been saying for years he wants one of these chairs so he can be really comfortable awhile he’s watching the History and Golf Channels. It absolutely does not match our decor. Just the thought of it gives me stress.

2 Responses to “Camel Traders and Drunk in a La-Z-Boy”

  1. Angela Damien Says:


    The news is so funny! I was rolling on the floor with the camel story… eat your young! Camel behavior… lol!

    Oh.. I think you and Maury should get matching chairs… you know… kind of blue velour #$%^&!*?>< NOT!

  2. Jean Rubin Says:

    Maury thinks La-Z-Boys are stylish. Now I’m not the picture of great taste but my mother taught me something. Until I move to a mobile home (never) I’m not getting a La-Z-Boy i8n blue or brown velour.

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