There’s Sex in Scottsdale!

7:00 am

And It’s Fascinating for Feminists!

Personally, I think sex is great and it definitely helps the skin look fresh and glowing. Maury would tell you it’s a necessity of life and one of it’s greatest pleasures. It certainly helps with procreation so we can all have some cute grandkids running around leaving fingermarks on my glass doors. However, it’s now the focus of two businessmen who think we’re an underserved market.

¬†Something new in our ‘hood

There’s something new in our neighborhood and I’m not talking about call girls in black leather at our fabulous golf and tennis resorts. Or a busted massage parlor or escort service. Fascinations, an adult store, has taken advantage of the soft real estate market and has opend two new emporiums. That means baby boomer women and those of us sandwiched between generations who want to put some yin in our yang can browse a 4000-square-foot facility filled with lingerie, revealing Halloween costumes, knee-high, white patent-leather platform boots and thongs…for men and women.

My Thoughts

The thought of Maury with his paunch and hairy places chasing me in a thong gives me stress. What’s wrong with my leopard bathrobe and his tightie-whities? Glee said she bought slippery oil, yet another book on Tantric Sex and colored condoms. She’s boyfriend shopping again. April said she’s planning a trip to the store but it’ll be in a few weeks because she only does one thing a day and her banker, financial planner and hair stylist have her booked. To many things to do gives her stress.

2 Responses to “There’s Sex in Scottsdale!”

  1. Angela Damien Says:

    The only person I want to see in a thong is my pool boy with his tan and 6 pack!

  2. Linda Says:

    Personally, I find thongs about as comfortable as a frozen water bra, and much less attractive when seen riding above hip-hugging jeans at the mall. Beyond a certain age, unless we’re nipped and tucked by the very best, we should leave the store without them.

    Visualizing even the sexiest of men like Sir Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington or Kevin Costner parading around in a thong makes me giggle out loud. The mental image removes the sex appeal in a hurry Jean.

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