Riffraff in the ‘Hood

Scottsdale and its tony neighbor, Paradise Valley, are ritzy areas that have lots of upscale residents.  By that I mean, not everyone goes food shopping in designer outfits. Some residents wear jogging suits with JUICY written across their tushes. When I see them I think I’m living in a fancy Olympic Village without snow. At any rate, today’s paper  says  a 6.3 million dollar home was sold that encompasses 11,620-square-feet.  So what do you put in that space? The usual: a library, a private theater, a sauna. But my favorite is the outside. On over two acres with lush landscaping (which will require oodles of water from our dry, parched desert environment) is a heated play pool. I thought all pools were for play. Apparently, there’s a special kind for hanky-panky. Maury would love that.

We Have Great Spas in Scottsdale

I love the spa! Who doesn’t want to be pampered? My friends, Glee and April, go often. They even took me recently for a Style Intervention. That’s where your closest, dearest friends let you know you need an emergency make-over. Now that might be true because I have a tendency to let myself go, but the labyrinth meditation walk at the Golden Door really got me. It’s supposed to help you crystalize your inner vision. Instead, walking in the paved earth, environmentally- friendly circle stressed me out. I go in circles every day! I think I have a day planned so I can accomplish something and then my mother calls with a medical emergency (hemorrhoids) or the kids call ( little ones might have the H1N1 virus) or Maury (who forgot an important folder he needs for a meeting) and everything falls apart. So walking in a circle trying to meditate didn’t relieve stress for me. When I shared that with my female friends, Glee said, “Well, at least you got your vitamin D from the sunshine. You probably have a deficiency.”

Would You pay This Much for a La-Z-Boy?

Remember the guy who went to a bar in his motorized La-Z-Boy chair in Minnesota and was arrested because he was driving drunk? Well, they tried to auction it off after changing the name to the DWI Chair. It went for $43,000! Now if you have an extra $43,000 would you buy a powder blue velour tufted monstrosity that moves?! Hey, we’re in Scottsdale. That kind of money buys a Mercedes.

2 Responses to “Scottsdale Real Estate, Spas and More Bizarre News in Minnesota”

  1. Angela Damien Says:

    $43,000… someone paid that because they COULD and it makes for good cocktail party conversation! Why else would someone buy that? Some people are just so stupid they don’t know they are stupid!

    Love your site Jean.. you keep me in stitches!

  2. Jean Rubin Says:

    We are a consumer society. It was for sale so someone bought it!

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