A Posh Environmental Party

Sometimes it’s good to have friends in high places. April and Steve Lefkowitz know everyone. Actually, no one wants to know Steve because he’s a personal injury attorney, unless of course they’ve left their sleeping child in the back seat of their luxury vehicle at Scottsdale Fashion Square with the Neiman’s valet while they take their rat dog inside to buy eye cream. I promise I cannot make this up! So my question is: Should the police arrest stressed out mothers who are worried about wrinkles?  

Anyway, they invited us to come with them to an eco-party at Optima Camelview Village, Scottsdale‘s most environmentally friendly, lavish condo.  Besides the re-cycled guests we mingled with attendees of the Greenbuild conference, all experts on sustainable building. We even toured the ecologically designed building with its reduced solar radiation roof, low water use plants and chutes for recyclables. I told Maury I need one of those immediately to throw all his dirty socks and T-shirts into our miniscule laundry room/closet.

The hors d’oeuvres were re-cycled too. No! Just kidding. They were very chi-chi canape’s from Posh, the restaurant in the building that’s so exclusive there’s no menu! Now personally, I want to pick what I eat, but the wealthy denizens of Scottsdale want owner/chef of improvisational cuisine, Josh Hebert, to choose. It’s all based on availability of ingredients and people who want to go-green by wiping their mouths with napkins made from re-cycled paper. We’re not drooling yet so this may be a very good thing. All in all, it was fun watching April make a meal out of three canapes that never touched her pooched lips and Steve scare away others by just saying what he does. Unfortunately, Maury was bored and urged me to arrive late and leave early.

   Men’s Penises in China

Now personally I am only interested in penises of family members, i.e. Tangie biting her brother’s in the bathtub recently, but this article of  bizarre news got my attention. It even has an environmental component! It seems male factory workers in China who are exposed to high doses of BPA, or bisphenol A, in plastic bottles have higher rates of impotence and lower rates of sexual desire. Now I know some women out there might be rushing around to put every hard plastic bottle they can find to create an altar around their highly-sexed husbands’ beds but I say stop! Dr. De-Kun Li, a reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist in Kaiser Permanente’s research division in Oakland, says we should lower exposure to BPAs but he’s going to keep looking for more data.

So, ladies, if it’s not coming up as good as it once could, check your shampoo bottles.

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