Preserving Stress in Scottsdale

Troon Highlands Estates, a tony Scottsdale neighborhood with gorgeous mountain views, is having stress. It seems the 43 families who reside in the area that backs up to the cactus and wildlife preserve don’t want low-riders, skate-boarders and other undesirables riding down their dark dead-end streets that dip and turn. They claim vandalism, burglaries, abandoned vehicles and an unexploded pipe bomb are effecting their pristine neighborhood. According to Scottsdale police of the 45 calls they’ve received in the last three years, 20 were for false burglar alarms. What’s the solution to this terrible problem? A gate! A gate will keep out the riffraff and keep people from getting to the park! I love an equitable Scottsdale solution. Just hope the environmentalists and my Maury don’t decide to picket. An irate resident might try to run them down in their Bently.

 Divorce, Parisien Style

The French  know how to do it. With a 50% divorce rate, what do they do?  Throw a trade fair, of course! At the “New Start”  event in Paris thousands showed up to glean information from the booths manned by…divorcees! What kind of  services were offered? I cannot make this up! Lawyers, of course, but also tarot card readers, makeover specialists and self-esteem coaches. The lectures included: “Plastic surgery’s role in re-conquering your image” and How to re-seduce your partner using the Gestalt method.”  What about laser hair removal and bikini waxing? So, forget about the big Bridal Fair in Scottsdale. The business is in divorces. What I don’t understand is: after a divorce why women look for another man.  I love mine, but would I want another one?

Scottsdale’s Finest Lose Money to a Radical Bunny

An obscure Phoenix firm defrauded many Scottsdale investors of almost $200 million. I don’t see why the SEC is in a dither. It was only 900+ people who bought unregistered securities. Really. And the wife of the man who engineered this scam added her middle name to the impressive investment firm. Bunny. As in Easter. So they must have been sitting in their offices thyinking about ways to steal people’s money and decided to use her name and since it was so ridiculous, call it Radical Bunny. And people who are supposed to be smart and savvy about financial matters invested in a company called Radical Bunny. If Maury wanted to put our savings into anything with that name, I ‘d want to make sure it wasn’t a strip club first and then I’d want to know why it was radical.

2 Responses to “Riffraff in Scottsdale, French Divorces and a Radical Bunny”

  1. Angela Damien Says:


    How funny about the business of divorce! “New Start” sounds like a “re-invention” convention! People starting over with new jobs… same principle only with new mates! One big CASH COW from starting over. It is capitalism at work! No stress there! Just $$$$$ niche marketing.

    Troon Highlands Estates….. is an outrage and cause for stress! Is there another entrance to the park??? If not go get Maury and start that picket line right away!

    “According to Scottsdale police of the 45 calls they’ve received in the last three years, 20 were for false burglar alarms. What’s the solution to this terrible problem? A gate!”

    Let’s do the math here… 45 calls in 3 years… 20 false alarms.. so 25 calls in 3 years is 8.3 calls per year with issues in the area and they need a gate? Someone needs a new brain not a new gate! Doesn’t matter who is paying for the gate.. it is the perfect example of WASTE!

  2. Jean Rubin Says:

    Maury is passionate about many things…but most of them do not involve anything other than eating, sleeping, golfing and watching the History Channel. And my picketing days are over. The people in Troon say they’ll leave it open for 2 years but after that, they’re locking everyone in!

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