During the International Greenbuild Expo and Conference where Al Gore and Sheryl Crow appeared, Scottsdale saw it fit to attract some of the 25,000 people to its expanded Thursday ArtWalk. Besides 40 beer vendors and gallery owners who touted art from socially-conscious artists who actually appeared in person as opposed to a hologram, we saw works entitled, “Deforestation,” “Go Green” and “War on Poverty.” As for the latter, I’m not sure if a purchase will personally improve the economic situation of the artists or take me back to the Vietnam era. I think I still have an old denim jacket with peace buttons on it and pink sunglasses.

At any rate, the conference itself showed off some products we can’t live without. You know you need a Big Ass oversized ceiling fan for those hot Scottsdale summers ( need link here). They range in diameter from 6 to 24 feet and despite the silly name they are gfreen because they move a high volume of air at a low speed.

My second favorite product was the BigBelly solar-powered compactor. Now these aren’t for home use, although Maury makes enough garbage from snacks while he’s simultaneously watching the bombing of Dresden and the golf channel (not much action there) to fill a container. These are for ballparks, football stadiums and university campuses. They’re green because they hold 5 times the capacity of a regular bin so it means less labor and saved fuel for pickups.

Finally,you can buy an iron grating from Iron Age Designs (link needed here) to cover outdoor storm drains  made from iron scraps. It all soundede good to me until the information specialist shared thaty its all made from a process tat uses recycled french-fry oil to give it that wonderful rust color. In my household that means if I had one, Amber, our ancient golden retriever, would be licking it instead of doing her business and Buzz, our youngest grandson, would be teething on it.  

2 Responses to “Environmental Conference with Big Ass Fans and the Danger of Cell Phones”

  1. Yo, Yenta! Says:

    Ew – french fried iron gates? The Scottsdale snobs would never stand for such a thing! Now here in the South, anything made from grease would be HUGE.

  2. Angela Damien Says:

    Actually I like those big ass fans! They do move a lot of air…and when one is a cougar… the air needs to move!

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