Scottsdale’s a Party Town

The swanky W Scottsdale Hotel has to be worried that a lawsuit  filed about last New Year’s Eve is coming to trial in Scottsdale City Court January 2010. The wheels of justice turn slowly. It seems there was a fab party happening on their rooftop and neighbors called the police. They say the noise has been constant and even with doors and windows closed they can still hear the DJs voice. Just so you know: Scottsdale does not have a noise ordinance. That means Maury can turn up the volume on the bombing of Dresden and our neighbors can’t do much about it. So in January (what will they do this New Year’s Eve?) the disorderly-conduct charges go to trial. That’s a court date I don’t want to miss–mini-skirted mono-syllabic models testifying that their gyrations would be hampered if they toned it down, a tattooed DJ with baggy pants stating he can’t get the energy up if the music’s not death-defying loud and the mustached manager explaining that bar tabs improve as the decibels get louder. I love it!

Toxic Toys

Lara called me today stressed about lead in Barbies. “Mom, Tangie bathes with her Barbie!” It seems the Center of Environmental Health tested 250 children’s products and found lead levels exceeded federal limits. “Mom, she doesn’t want to play with toilet paper rolls like you gave me. Lead causes irreversible brain damage.” Now this is a cause for concern because kids put everything in their mouth.  “Honey, buy a new refrigerator and giver her a big box…

Cheesecake is Dangerous

As a feminist sexual harassment is a red flag. We don’t see that many cases where men are doing it to other men so when I read that The Cheesecake Factory paid six male employees in Chandler, AZ, $345,000 to settle a suit, I was fascinated and stressed. Seems the kitchen is a dangerous place. Crotch grabs aren’t relegated to Janet Jackson on the American Music Awards anymore. These poor guys were abused verbally and physically and complained loudly. Who knew while assistant chefs were baking our New York style cheesecake and shaving chocolate slivers there were guys being harassed by other guys?! Aren’t some things sacred?

They need Jean Rubin Consultants, expert extraordinaire in workplace issues. They could pay me in cheesecakes.

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