New Poll Says People Want to Be Environmentally Sensitive

A new poll says 60 percent of people are accepting responsibility for protecting the environment. That means they’re like my husband, Maury, who recycles his diet soda cans and wine bottles  in Scottsdale, turns up the thermostat in our triple digit summers so that peri-menopausal women pant like Amber, buys energy-efficient appliances like our no-drying cycle dishwasher that smells stinky all the time and wash their clothes in cold water. I refuse to wash gym clothes in anything but hot water.  Enough is enough.

Now I know some granolas get obsessed with recycling and not washing their clothes in cold or hot water, but folks, please consider your neighbors. Wash your clothes and bodies thoroughly, especially if you want close friends!

What really concerns me is the 37 percent of the survey’s respondents who rarely thought about the consequences of their actions in regards to the environment. Al Gore could show up anytime with the Green Police! In Scottsdale that means they’re not separating glass and paper. It also means they’re keeping cool at a moderate 70 degrees and not schvitzing like us. Without any vision of what will happen to all of us if they don’t lower their carbon footprint, we could all be living in a globally warmed extreme heat. I think we’re already there.

Scottsdale Scoop about Your Neighbors

Every week our local newspaper prints the “Top Home Sales of the Past Week.” It’s a section I look forward to because I want to know who’s moving in, who’s moving out, what they do for a living, how much they paid for their home and whether it was cash or a trust fund. Don’t you? Of course almost all the residences are in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley.

My mother’s a privacy nut so she doesn’t give out personal information about anything. The fact that private business becomes public drives her wild. “Jean, did you see Augustus Anderson III paid 3.1 million in cash for an 8,100 square foot Tuscan estate? Why would anyone want the world to know they have six bathrooms?” Or “Hunter Schwartz of Alberta, Canada paid 2.9 million for a mansion buried in the side of Camelback Mountain. He purchased it from the Mary and Wedell Snodgrass Trust Fund. Who are these people and where did they get so much money from? Don’t they know it doesn’t look nice to tell everyone what you paid for something?”

“Mom, it’s a matter of public record.  The newspaper just prints it. It’s interesting for people like me because I’m curious about what’s happening in Scottsdale.”

“Jean, we raised you better than that. Stop reading it.”

3 Responses to “Going Green and Scottsdale Real Esate Privacy”

  1. Angela Damien Says:

    I think everyone should start with one green habit at a time… buying recycle bags to take to the store… the key is to remember to take them in before you start shopping… but get cute ones! Maybe a “Stessed in Scottsdale” bag of hot yellow and pink.. only the vinyl kind so they can be wiped out! I sure would like one of those! It could be as trendy as an LV… don’t you think? Sign me up for 10 if you get some!

  2. Jean Rubin Says:

    Love the idea of STRESSED in SCOTTSDALE shopping bags! I can’t be the only person with green guilt who leaves the check out station with the people behind me in line glaring while I run back to my car for the recycle bags!

  3. Jean Rubin Says:

    I like the idea of STRESSED in SCOTTSDALE shopping bags too! It’s something I would carry everywhere since my tote doesn’t hold everything. Should they be canvas or a tough re-cycled paper?

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