Scottsdale Cougar Convention

Glee says she’s proud to be on the cougar team. At a recent gathering of well-preserved women over 40 at a downtown Scottsdale hot spot,  the topic was men. men, men. The women attending  like to date younger ones known as cougar cubs. The media leads us to the believe that women who prefer men ten or more years younger than themselves are blond, over-sexed and  assertive. I’m not sure that’s true but Glee is all of those .

Glee said she met a woman who was not part of the well-preserved stereotype. It seems a lovely plump grandmother (most of them are!) in sensible shoes decided to show up and see what all the fuss was about. She identified herself as a big reader and sci-fi fan. Not all the men in Scottsdale are stereotypes either. Sure some men padded in wearing Italian loafers, designer jeans and untucked silk shirts with tufts of sexy, dark chest hair. (Maury’s is getting silver.) However, two guys wearing glasses and Issac Asimov T-shirts showed up to debate the merits of Orson Scott Card and Frank Herbert, the top two sci-fi authors. A heated debate ensued and the grandma with the sensible shoes shuffled out with one on each arm.

Glee said she attended to make contacts for her coaching business as well as take a look at the competition. “Women need to get their life in balance so the right man appears. I’m a great coach for that. besides, younger men are so much more fun.” When I repeated all this to Maury, he reminded me that recent data from says biology proves people are attracted to the natural body odors of others. I say she should sniff every man she meets.

Scottsdale Has Another Scandal

April’s CPA has been arrested for fraud because he stole from his clients. Poor judgment to involve the wife of the top litigator in town. Her husband, Steve, a Personal Injury attorney,  might inflict some personal pain when he catches up with this guy. How much is the errant accountant accused of stealing? Oh, not too much.

He’s responsible for an $82 million real-estate Ponzi scheme according to Scottsdale police reports. What better place to find marks than Scottsdale and its close, even more upscale neighbor, Paradise Valley?  He also told his clients he made payments to the IRS for them and had them write checks to him personally. I bet when he was hatching the plan he thought it was a clever scam. How could this guy think he wasn’t going to get caught?

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