A Unique Solution to Foreclosure

Scottsdale, known for its upscale resorts, is showing signs of a slow economic environment. The Mondrian Hotel, one of a few places the ritzy crowd likes to be seen, drew huge crowds when it was renovated in 2007. It had been transformed from a Holiday Inn to an all-white flashy lobby with nude sculptures, a sexy red lounge and a fusion restaurant with Asian and Cuban food. The hotel purchased for $46.5 million is now in foreclosure with its “Garden of Eden” decor and billowing white drapes. So what to do?

Start a party series called Harlot Fridays! Serve drinks called Harlot Candy Cane, a minty blend of peppermint schnapps, creme de cacao and vanilla vodka as well as another drink called Naughty and Nice, offer $5 martinis for the girls in short, shorter and shortest skirts and hire a contortionist in lingerie. I cannot make this up. A spread-eagled woman on a light box appeared in my family newspaper to show me how much fun it can be to watch  a woman twist herself into pretzel positions. As the evening progresses watch for aerialists and fan dancers.

As a former Women and Gender Studies instructor, I find it appalling that young women use their bodies for this and sundry other purposes, but I understand everybody has to make a living. However, the real surprise is that the management thinks degrading women by calling their event Harlot Fridays will turn a flailing enterprise around. I say get a better accountant.

Gangs of Scottsdale

Do you know where your children are? Apparently some Scottsdale parents have lost track of their darlings. The Fluffy Bunny Crew, a group of college-age kids, wandered down to their families second and third homes in Mexico, bought large quantities of drugs and brought them back to sell at parties advertised on social media sites to underage partiers. But it gets uglier than that. The cool kids in the $200 jeans and expensive T-shirts have been indicted on burglary, kidnapping, assault, trafficking stolen property, conducting criminal enterprises and assisting a street gang. The ring leaders are being held on bond up to $300,000. Drugs at parties turned to home invasions and stolen property with a Scottsdale dad being shot in the stomach for defending his family.

So who are these gang members with the innocuous bunny name who have been charged with violence? A bunch of White kids whose parents are doctors, attorneys and prominent businesspeople. There’s no fence around Scottsdale but these guys sure are sullying Scottsdale‘s image. I say, “Take away their privileged lifestyle and book ’em!”

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