What keeps a marriage together?

Now Maury would answer that question with a serious look and say, “Sex and good matzo balls.” I’d agree with him. Affection is really important and now Barry McCarthy, a Chicago-born psychologist, agrees with us! It seems if you’re not getting enough, the marriage falls apart. Glee says it’s the most important part and she’s an expert on all things sexual.

Barry’s written eleven books about sex issues including ones called “Rekindling Desire,” “Coping with Erectile Dysfunction” and “Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style.” These are all relevant, interesting topics for baby boomer couples or those in the sandwich generation who have very limited time. He gives solid advice on how to get the sexual charge going again. I hope it doesn’t involve trying to buy underwear at Victoria’s Secret because those gum-snapping twelve year olds are really snarky. Glee says she’ll loan me all his books, especially the one that gives exercises designed to make me playful. I hope Maury is ready for this.

Waterless Waterfront Property with Million Dollar Condos

Salt River project is going to be draining water from the Scottsdale canal where high rise condos in the million dollar range sit on its banks. Doesn’t that sound like an aesthetic project while our fair Scottsdale city is loaded with freezing mid-westerners who like to stroll and walk the banks of our ancient Hohokam canals? It seems they want to look for evidence of invasive quagga mussels. One pesky creature can produce a half million microscopic larvae in a year. Now I’ve heard of multiplying but that’s ridiculous!

So what can these guys do who we think belong on a seafood pasta dish? They’re an environmental threat that invades the water supply power, interrupts plant operation and blocks water intake.

So in case you want to take Uncle Henry and Aunt Linda on a stroll to see our glorious canal, it’s going to be dry until February. Happy Holidays!

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