Education and Stress Busters

7:00 am

School Stress

Sometimes the only reason I’m glad to live in Arizona is because we’re at the front of the alphabet so when I have to scroll online to find my state, it’s near the top of the list. Otherwise, I am consumed with stress over the fact that our state is listed 46th out of fifty for education. We dropped three places from 43. We lag in every category including “D’s” for the teaching profession, finance and achievement! That means we’re turning out kids who will never be able to compete in a global market. Or communicate. Or add. Or think.

Our state legislature, which includes a few “Flora’s” (see Marcia Fine‘s series with a right-wing legislator and her developer husband and crooked daughter), allocated significantly less per student than the national average of $10,600. Those genius’ hold to their positions and won’t even allow a one-cent sales tax increase. Wait until they try to bank, shop, or play golf with sub-standard personnel running everything. I can hear it now,”…so I took in the Mercedes for a car wash and no one spoke English and they overcharged me.”

Stress Buster Options

While I ranted and raved to Maury that my chosen profession of teaching was being denigrated by Neanderthals in the state legislature, he handed me a page from the Sky Mall catalogue and quipped, “I think you should order it. Even Mayo Clinic says you have to manage stress. Ninety percent of stress is self-induced.”

Labeled as a Head Spa Massager to erase migraines without drugs, this patented Italian design looks like a tinfoil helmet that sits on your forehead. Two large disks on top and a high bar that reaches to your neck make you appear as an alien. I’d probably scream every time I passed a mirror. As if I don’t look strange enough already! This battery-operated device utilizes acupressure to massage your scalp by stimulating blood circulation. The manufacturer’s suggestion is to utilize it all day at your desk or at home or while relaxing in front of the TV. Little Tangie and Buzz would scream in terror if they saw me wearing this contraption. I think I’d rather take drugs.

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