Country Clubs Appeal to Bargain Hunters

In our fair city of raspberry mochatinis, a Posh restaurant and Barney’s there’s an underbelly of stress in Scottsdale. The people who were so rich during the last cycle are now finding that their country club memberships may no longer be a necessity. They might even be willing to play with my Maury on a public course! By the way, he’s an excellent golfer because he watches so much of it on TV. It seems that the Golf Club of Scottsdale situated on a slice of Sonoran Desert is having trouble finding new patrons to pay their $110,000 entry fee. This course is special because you don’t have to live on the course to buy a membership. Why? Because it’s so exclusive they didn’t build any homes!

And they’re not the only ones looking for men in plaid pants. The Country Club at DC Ranch lowered their golf membership from $135,000 to $75,000. That doesn’t include monthly fees, designer clubs and some spiffy duds. A real bargain!

Marriage Is Giving Men a Boost

A new Pew report says more women than men have college degrees. That means they’re making more money than the men in their lives because education equals enhanced earnings. Okay, the arts are different. Men are also marrying women for their money or their ability to earn it. Watch out, honey! All those feminine wiles that women shared to “catch a man” are now being turned around and used on you in this post-feminist world. Beware of men baring gifts and ego-stroking flattery. It could cause you and your bank account major stress. I know because my friend Glee has made a few passionate, costly mistakes.

Don’t start me on all the marches and consciousness-raising groups I attended in the 70s. Lara and I picketed Phyliss Schalfly and I personally denounced the woman who wrote a book about wrapping herself in cellophane to greet her husband at the door. Maury would fall down laughing if I ever tried that.  If you want to get yourself to higher levels of stress than losing a golf club membership, read some of Phyliss’ quotes.

At any rate, David Crary, a top-notch journalist who is the first male to win the coveted International Women’s Organization Prize for Journalism, which is no small feat if you’re the species with the extra appendage, says that men are earning less. The loss of manufacturing jobs means men can’t support a family with a high school education anymore. Stephanie Coontz, a professor who writes about marriage, says, “…many men don’t feel compelled to be their families’ sole breadwinner.”  My suggestion for a young man looking to be a househusband? Take a cougar cruise.

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