A Desert Brand of Nut

Now I’ve been concerned about some of our state legislators for years. Some of my favorite legislation was the representative who wanted to ban co-ed dorms at all state universities. Little late for that. Or the woman who brought a bill that linked abortion with breast cancer without any scientific information. But it gets better than that. After a recent editorial from snowbirds who said they won’t be coming back because they ran into so many “birthers” here, I had to take a serious examination of our “kook” factor.

We’re scored very high on the list. Columnist Laurie Roberts has made an excellent case for taxing some of our better ideas to kill tourism and keep major corporations from moving their headquarters here. There is a fictional Flora Beaudreaux who expresses some of the viewpoints of our very own legislators like representative Judy Burges of Skull Valley who supports the “birthers,” a nut-case group that are convinced our president was really born in Kenya. What to do about this? Waste the legislature’s time (we can’t balance the budget and they’re closing state parks) with bill 2441 which requires presidential candidates to show their birth certificate before they can be included on Arizona’s ballot?

But my favorite is Russell Pearce who passed bills to get flags in every classroom with out any funding, requiring photo IDs to be shown at voting polls (never mind the elderly who no longer have driver’s licenses like my mother, thank God!) and his latest feat, to have the Ten Commandments installed at the Capitol. Never mind separation of church and state and the poverty in his district. We need to focus on inconsequential matters so Maury can yell at the newspaper and write Letters to the Editor, which gives me stress.

Fighting Stewardesses

You might not have heard of Pinnacle Airlines but you’ll think about booking with them in the future. It’s enough that passengers want to explode their shoes or light their underwear, but now we have to be stressed about nasty flight attendants. We don’t know the reason for the altercation but apparently two sassy stewardesses got into a verbal disagreement (who teased their hair higher? why Lee Press-On nails don’t last?) that caused the pilot to  return to the gate in Rochester, New York instead of landing in Atlanta. Would you be upset if your were a passenger? There’s a high nut factor in the air. I can’t make this up.

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