Herbicides That Mutate

As if I’m not stressed enough I now can add atrazine to my list of boogey-men and mutated frog nightmares. Atrazine is used by farmers to kill weeds which it does very nicely. It also gets into the water supply after coating the food we eat, unless of course you’re Oprah and you have a chef to shop and chop organic for you. Major scientific reviews are telling us that male frogs are developing female characteristics so that they’re mating with other male frogs and laying eggs. I can’t even go there! Too confusing. But I know it can’t be good.

This deadly herbicide also has been linked to a high rate of birth defects, low birth weight, delayed puberty and reduced immune function. But scariest of all is they use it often on immaculate golf courses and putting greens. It’s not that the other effects aren’t horrendous enough; it’s just my Maury spends a lot of time breathing at golf courses.

Syngenta, the manufacturer based in Switzerland, has banned it along with the European Union. Our EPA has not. Does this mean I have to try to convince my husband that playing golf can kill him? You try.

Tacky Business Draws Outrage

There are plenty of things to get stressed about–wars, crazy politicians, my sister-in-law, Asia, who wears black every day in a perpetual state of intellectual misery–so I didn’t expect an outreach program to fire our local city council. Why? Because they allowed a less-than-appropriate business to open down the street from Coronado High School and a day care center. What is it? Something that will rot their teeth like another cupcake shop? Another clothing boutique with over-priced T-shirts and gum-snapping sales help? No. An adult boutique.

Uh-oh! I drove by there to see what’s in the window to cause such consternation and observed many pastel underthings on very pale manikins. What? No African-American women want to buy underwear so strange it requires directions?  No, apparently not. One entire display window is a picture of a whip. Now we live in Scottsdale, Land of Fake Lakes and the Horsey Crowd but whips as the traffic draw? It can cause whiplash and major stress.

I can take solace in the fact that they change their displays with the seasons. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the Easter bunny theme.

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