Maury Takes me on a Trip

7:00 am

Family Stress

We are getting everyone in our family plus good friends together for a celebration this week in Florida so I won’t have much to say until after we have all disbursed to our separate dwellings. Hopefully, everyone will still be speaking and we haven’t offended each other too much. Anyone else find squeezing all generations into one event filled with joy and sarcasm stressful?

We haven’t left yet but my mother has announced in true guilt fashion: “Jean, if Asia (my pseudo-intellectual sister-in-law) says something to me I don’t like, especially if it involves how great she looks without using moisturizer, I’m going to leave and lie down. And she’d better not have those grandkids of mine dressed all in black either.”

See what fun we’re having and we haven’t even left yet?

Stay tuned.

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