Was Erma Funny?

7:00 am

Oh, yes she was!

So funny in fact that I’m exhausted from laughing. Most of you know I went to the Erma Bombeck Humor Conference in Dayton Ohio(home of the Wright brothers!) because I’m an aspiring writer. There were three hundred writers, humorists, stand-up comedians and other assorted characters who all made me laugh. But I can’t let myself get into that yet. Have to unpack, digest, call my mother (who will clearly make me feel guilty for leaving), check on the kids,  let Amber lick my elbow and feed Maury.

More later.

2 Responses to “Was Erma Funny?”

  1. pat wynn brown Says:


    Wasn’t that a marvelous Ermapalooza workshop! So glad to have met you there and hope to keep up the connection. Do send me your email and I will send you some info re: the new show I am working on (BEAUTY SCHOOL: Pretty is as pretty does….do good for yourself and others)

    I am getting input for the show from a number of dynamic women like you. Would you like to answer a few questions and become an official BEAUTY SCHOOL FACULTY STYLIST??? (You get a certificate!!! OK..it’s not that cool of a piece of paper but you will be in very good company)

    Let me know,
    Sending you lots of love,
    Pat Wynn Brown

  2. Linda Denham Says:

    I would love to be an on staff at the Beauty School but have you seen my 1988 hair do? I love it but my daughter, a certified hair stylist, shudders when she sees what I have done to her work. I even jacked the dogs hair up. I failed clippers 101. When he comes out of hiding I am taking him in for major repair.

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