Hair Gives Us Stress

12:07 am

Frayed Nerves about Hair

Now I’ve got a lot of curly wild hair on my head that I spend a minimal amount of time trying to tame, much to my mother’s chagrin. “Jean, if I had a such a full head of hair I’d have a style.” Or, “”With all that volume it would make sense to use some of the new products I see on TV and calm it down.” My hair is low priority on my lists every day as long as it’s still there.

I had a recent episode where I was so stressed my hair started to fall out. When I showed Maury my pillow case in the morning, he comforted me with, “All women lose hair as they age. If it gets too thin on the top, get one of those little attachments I saw them selling at a kiosk in the mall.” Oh, that’s attractive. A streaked synthetic hairpiece attached to the front of my head that in no way matches my dark curls. I won’t even think about what my style maven Scottsdale friends would say. But here’s what I found out.

New research shows that women stress about their hair so much that in a ShopSmart report published by the impressive Consumer Reports that Maury reads before he buys anything, one-quarter of women have cried after getting a haircut and a third have regretted changing their style. Ladies, can we talk? Stressing over hair? I can see if it really looks bad, but trauma over it? Come on. Surely there must be something else that can ratchet up the pain in your life. Like a husband who never picks up anything. Or kids that call at the last minute for you to babysit. Or a mother who reminds you her feet hurt.

Hair Theater

So you can imagine my fascination when I attended the Erma Bombeck Humor Conference and met Pat Wynn Brown, Showgirl and Performer. This woman is hot! She performs a show she wrote: Hair Theater. Very cool idea! She’s smart and funny and even supports a charity with her shows. I want to take April and Glee to see her for a girls’ weekend. I had such a good time being with all those funny women I might not stay Stressed in Scottsdale.

3 Responses to “Hair Gives Us Stress”

  1. pat wynn brown Says:

    I am tickled pink to have HAIR THEATER mentioned in your fine blog! I am presently in Tennessee headed to Atlanta next and the women here in the south understand the Divine nature of high hair, that is, the higher the hair, the closer to God. Clearly they are God’s nearest angels of delight.

    Stress does affect our hair and that’s why we have BEAUTY SCHOOL at Hair Theater. Our motto at Beauty School is: “Pretty is as Pretty Does….so do good for yourself and others.” This attitude is a beauty treatment for your soul that spreads to your face and body. Try it. You’ll see. Results guaranteed!!! It even works for those who have the blues, aka Beauty School Dropouts. Special classes for these frustrated girls.

    Have a good HERE day!!! (That’s our goodbye at Hair Theater)
    Pat Wynn Brown
    Fan of your Blog

  2. Yo, Yenta! Says:

    You can always shave your head – instant stress remover! With a nice lipstick and big earrings, I think we could make this the new trend in low-maintenance beauty…

  3. Jean Rubin Says:

    Now you’re thinking! Problem is might be chilly. And what would we talk about?

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