Should I Stress Over a High School Reunion?

Maury is attending his high school reunion without me. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Why should I have to sit with other bored spouses explaining why I’m stressed in Scottsdale? He could go, have fun with other middle-aged people who can’t lie about their age because they all graduated together, dance to oldies while occasionally bragging they were on American Bandstand and come home. Except for his high school crush on Molly Campbell. He mentions her from time to time. More than the other girl he had a crush on who played the accordion. He thought her boobs grew accordingly.  So I checked out Molly. Not only is she a smart blogger and entertaining, but she’s cute too. Uh-oh.

My friend, Glee, an esteemed yoga instructor, erotic artist and newly-minted life-coach, says that baby boomers are having less intimate relations because of financial stress. Now that should be bad news, right? Well, not around here. Not when I’m sending my husband to his reunion alone armed with the latest research from Pepper Schwartz. The author of 16 books on relationships says men think about sex and engage in it more often than women. I knew that. The trend for Americans and particularly members of AARP, which represents 40 million people over fifty, say it’s not that “doing it” becomes less important, it’s were less accessible. Boy, am I glad Molly is very happily married with cute kids! And not after my Maury. Like that eco-twit on the Green campaign.

Scottsdale Money vs. Happiness

Scottsdale is known as an affluent community where some residents take their ability to spend over-the-top. So if money makes you happy lots of people should be bubbling over with elation around here.

Not so.

Our Federal Reserve Chair, Ben Bernanke, expressed his opinion about whether money makes people happier.

He told a group of graduating seniors that “Having a larger income is exciting at first…but as you associate with other people in your new income bracket, the thrill quickly wears off.” Tell that to the party crowd jamming the streets to get into the hot night clubs in downtown Scottsdale.

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  1. molly campbell Says:

    I love Jean Rubin. She is totally hilarious. And if you meet her in person, you will think she is a supermodel. Just sayin. molly

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