Does Food Cause Stress?

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Linking Stress and Fat

Like most women (except for Glee who periodically has her body sculptured with liposuction) I’m always on a diet, or watching what I eat. Or watching what Maury eats. Or listening to what my mother ate at Friendly Arms.

“Jean, the chef has no idea how to make a brisket. And someone needs to suggest a kosher pickle with a corn beef sandwich. Who ever heard of serving it on white bread with a jerkin?”

At any rate, I was surprised to learn that the brain chemical seratonin influences our fat metabolism. What that means is that weight gain and what we eat may not be linked. What a relief. I ate a huge piece of cheesecake yesterday and have felt guilty ever since!

Researchers say after studying roundworms (are you grossed out yet?) that serotonin which controls appetite and fat build-up do it through two separate channels. Worms are a good source of information because they share half their genes with us. What a revelation! There are some scummy people slithering around with very small brains.

Serotonin tells us we’re hungry. It also decides how we metabolize fat. It turns out that eating a low-fat diet might lower cholesterol but it can also make you stressed. And depressed. And violent towards yourself. I feel so much better. The cheesecake has metabolized through my system adding at least two inches to my corpulent thighs and cheered me up!

My conclusion is to forget about worms, eat what you want, forget the low-fat diets and have a good piece of cheesecake, preferably with a graham cracker crust. And smile a lot. It releases endorphins.

More Food to Put You in the Mood

Some people sit around thinking up things to make us crazy. I know this is true because food/mood expert Melody Hart says food can change us in two ways. The first is that our body gets really happy when we feed it vitamins and minerals, especially organic that costs more because it knows what’s cheap and what’s not. Secondly, it stimulates our mind.

How does food stimulate us and make us feel in the mood to run into our bedrooms and drape ourselves over pillows in a not-to-revealing piece of lingerie designed to cover cheesecake thighs? By helping us remember the texture, shape or smell of what we’ve eaten.

Translated, that means oysters, mussels and clams which are loaded with zinc can release sex hormones. I’ve always thought mussels looked a bit suggestive. Chili peppers make us sweat by increasing our heart rate and dark chocolate…well, we all know what that does. It gives us an endorphin explosion that makes us euphoric enough to want it or go shopping.

So, after seafood appetizers, champagne and a big helping of melted chocolate poured over who-cares-what, put on some music and dance around the room. You’ve earned it. I’m so relieved to know food reduces stress. Because there’s a lot to have anxiety about in Scottsdale.

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  1. Linda Says:

    I think I must be stress-free then! How about cheesecake injections? You’ll feel good and smile more. Can’t say that for Botox!

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