Calories and You

Doesn’t that sound like the typical article in a women’s magazine? We’re always counting calories because someone told us if we consume too many of them, we’ll get fat. Well, I think it’s a big fat lie! Have you ever actually seen a calorie? I I haven’t either! Do they look like those scary mucous cartoon characters on TV commercials? Or are they cute harmless daisies who morph into monster chubby cells and search the body for thighs and bellies?

All I know is I felt fine after I ate a piece of cheesecake last week until I saw an article that says the place I ate the said “premier violation¬†of caloric rules” is the biggest offender! It seems there’s something called Pasta Carbonara with Chicken that has 2500 calories. Whoa! That’s more than the minimum daily requirement and you skipped breakfast, lunch, snacks, anything-to-drink-but-water and dessert. And I forgot to add it has 85 grams of saturated fat!

Now I try to pay attention to what goes into my mouth. I also want to have some fun. There is no chocolate ban around here. So, if you want to splurge, try the Double Pan-Fried Noodle combo at our favorite Asian fusion restaurant for a mere 1820 calories and 7690 milligrams of salt. Don’t forget the beta-blocker!

AZ Film Industry Needs Us

Glee spent the week being an extra on a movie being shot here in Arizona as part of our budding film industry. She was in a bar scene at the Buffalo Chip Saloon as a tough looking cowgirl who wears tight jeans and shows cleavage. This was not a stretch for my dear friend who collects ostrich cowboy boots.

She strutted her stuff, forgetting she was supposed to be in the background, got noticed by the director and invited him for a spectacular dinner party at her high rise Scottsdale condo. (That’s three stories for you New York folks.) As usual she took advantage of the situation and pitched the idea that she and her two friends, April and Jean, would make a great girlfriends sitcom based in Scottsdale!

Only if I can play myself.

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