Mediums Are Loose in Scottsdale

12:07 am

Let Me Guide You

Two very famous mediums–that’s code for I-can-make-things-up-and scare-the-s***-out-of-you–are coming to Scottsdale to do a program about communicating with the spiritual world. Of course my friend, Glee,who knows about all things other worldly, is going.

“Jean, James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell are coming and I’ve bought a whole row of tickets! You and Maury must come with me.”

Now I’ve heard of the Van Pooba guy because he makes regular appearances on TV talk shows often scaring the hairspray off a teased head with his proclamations of “Your deceased father says you should go back to practicing the piano,” but who’s the other guy?

“Uh, Glee, I’m always up for your weird stuff–I actually liked the immersion tank evening because I couldn’t hear anyone talking– but I think Maury has a date with the History Channel.”

“Jean! This is not funny stuff. These guys communicate with the dead! They have messages for you. Tony Stockwell shares information from the soul level. Don’t you have a grandmother who has passed on?”

“Everyone our age has a dead grandmother unless their longevity genes have them living until 140.”

“Well, she might want to talk to you!”

“If  Bubbe Rose with her rolled up suntan knee-highs wants to speak to me from the other side, I’d rather have her blintz recipe.”

“Jean! Stop it! It said in today’s paper that Tony was able to tell a woman that her father loved Cristal champagne.”

“Because he had a friend open a bottle of it for him the week before. I read the same article you did. I’m not impressed.”

“Well, April and I are going and I think you’d benefit from some guided meditation. It’ll relieve your stress.”

“Glee, it gives me stress that these guys are collecting $50 a head plus selling books, tapes and T-shirts from the back of the room.”


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  1. Mo Ka Says:

    Jean, Jean, you need to meet my medium friend Barbara Friedkin, the Mystic of Cave Creek. She is uncanny. Scary, truly! Just sayin’…


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