Cats, Urinals, Kids and ADHD

10:58 am

What the Research Says about Cats

My husband Maury loves obscure information. The weirder the better. He reads me articles with fascinating information like the article in Science that claims cats have an instinctive understanding of fluid mechanics. I remind him that not onlydo we have a dog, any proximity to a feline pet causes him to rub his eyes red and sniffle. But he continues to impart what he sees as interesting. I also have no idea what fluid mechanics are and I don’t care. My mother is convinced the woman from an Eastern bloc country who changes her linens once a week is stealing her vitamins.

“Jean, listen to this!  These MIT scientists took three and a half years to figure out that only the tip of a cat’s tongue touches water when they’re drinking, It moves at lightning speed to generate a column of water.” Why should I care about this? Will it assist me in managing paranoia in the elderly? “They close their mouths quickly to get the column.” He puts down the paper with triumph.

“Sweeetheart, I know these things absorb you but my mother has called three times today and the manager at Friendly Arms says she’s causing a ruckus. What if we have to move her again?”

“Four scientists observed ten cats, plus a robotic one built for the International Space Station, and watched six videos uploaded on You Tube before they tested their theory at local zoos. They don’t use their tongues like Amber in a ladle fashion. They take bigger sips to get the needed balance between inertia and gravity.”

“Maury, darling, what possible practical significance could this information possibly have? Does it make any difference in our lives? Who cares?”

He doesn’t respond because he is stretched out next to our ancient dog’s water dish watching her lap and spill water all over our kitchen floor.

Practical Advice

Maybe Chandler isn’t Scottsdale but they’ve got some really smart people there too. Posted in the new City Hall bathrooms is a sign warning people not to drink out of the urinals. As if. They remind people that they’re utilizing recycled gray water. I hope the cats can’t read while they create the column of water to their mouths.

Kids and ADHD

It’s official: one in ten kids has ADHD according to Centers for Disease Control publication, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. How do we know this? Because the parents of 5.4 recently diagnosed children, which is a million more than a few years ago, say their health providers have told them so. Most kids have a hard time paying attention and quite a few have impulsive or disruptive behavior, but do they all need to be on meds? And why was the research published in that journal? I cannot make this up.

I know a few parents who would benefit from a serious diagnosis.

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