A Palin’s Moving In!

2:10 pm

Bristol Palin Our New Neighbor?

So Bristol Palin bought a house in Maricopa, a city not far from Scottsdale.  I didn’t even know she was old enough to own property. Glee says she paid $172,000 in cold hard cash. I wasn’t paying careful attention, but are mediocre dancers earning big bucks? Or maybe she got paid a lot of money for doing the abstinence commercial with the guy from “The Jersey Shore” called “The Situation.” Either way was it really necessary to use cash? No credit cards or mortgages up in Alaska?

Glee is fascinated with the fact that Bristol’s new home has 5 bedrooms! “I bet one will be a dance studio,” surmises my dear friend. In reality Glee wants to be her personal life coach and April wants to do a Scottsdale make-over on her. April said, “With the new body shapers and a visit to some of better Scottsdale boutiques she’d be a knock out.”  Maury’s worried that her mom, Sarah, is going to move in with her. “You know, Jean, I don’t agree with their politics, but if Todd wants to take me fly fishing, I wouldn’t turn him down.” My mother is horrified. “Jean, I hope they don’t show up at my assisted living facility like some of those other politicians. They’re attractive people but I’m not interested in hunting.”

I try to tell all of them that she probably just bought it as a vacation home, a respite from frigid Alaska temperatures. It’s not like they’re going to be be our new neighbors.  I think Bristol’s smart to invest in real estate. There are lots of bargains here now!
I told Maury if Bristol decides to “meet her neighbors” by introducing herself door to door I’ll welcome her in and start a discussion about what to look for in a man. First, he shouldn’t have ADD unless you want to picxk up after him all the time and secondly, cooking is a requirement.
Glee is excited about the prospect of be-friending her.  I think she wants to broaden her spectra of friends.  She doesn’t have a political one and Bristol is going to be the closest she can get.  She’s purchased a red, white and blue outfit with sequins for the imminent event of meeting her.
I think this is stressing me in Scottsdale!

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