Snooki an Author?

11:13 am

I can’t believe I am going to admit I know who this is but I can’t believe Snooki has written her own book.  To top it off I can’t believe her book “A Shore Thing” is on the New York Times Best Seller list.

I have been trying to write and publish a book for years and this girl out of Jersey comes along and all she does is drink, dance and fight.  How did it become #24 on the NYT Best Seller list?  From the short glimpse I have seen of her show, I didn’t even know that girl could read above a 3rd grade level.

Snooki’s response on Twitter “OMG I’m a New York Times Best Selling Author!!! Thank you so much to my fans, family and everyone who made this possible! LOVE YOU ALL!!” It is not exactly how I would respond if my book was this successful but I have to say I guess the girl is a walking orange marketing tool.

The latest I have heard is that now Snooki is getting tired of her nickname. She claims she misses being called Nicole but I don’t understand how she can get bored of a name that made her famous, if this is even what fame is nowadays.

Glee loves Snooki.  She thinks she’s an adorable little doll from a completely different planet.  I happen to notice that Glee has been a little more orange these days and trying different hairstyles to get the Snooki poof but look “less trashy.”  Glee says she is going to invent the Scottsdale poof and it will be the next big thing.

It makes my skin crawl knowing you can make a fortune being a drunk, tan idiot on national television and develop a book out of it.  I was convinced someone wrote it for her but I read an excerpt and I am pretty convinced that it isn’t possible for a professional writer to “dumb” themselves down that much.

Well, good for Snooki in the long run, hopefully once she drops the nickname she will also drop off as well.

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