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Why My Mother Might March

6:42 pm

Why can’t politicians keep their business zipped up? Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has scandalized his nation by carrying on with a seventeen year old belly dancer. Please understand that these things happen all over the world including Scottsdale, but finally the women of Italy are fed up. Hallelujah! All it takes is a little […]


Dating in Cyberspace?

5:03 pm

Are You Interested in Online Dating? This topic never interested me since I have been married to Maury since I was a child. It always struck me as odd to find someone you met online and fall in love. Wasn’t it not too long ago that they were warning us about people not being who […]


Honeysuckle Is It!

5:53 pm

I do not pay a lot of attention to fashion trends. Between my Stressed in Scottsdale life and a lack of style sense, I get dressed every day with abandon. At least I did until Glee and April called me on a conference call and told me that my wardrobe needed updating. “Look, if you […]

Tiger Mom is making the news.  Apparently this woman is so strict disciplining her children; her husband has been defending her on television. Can you imagine Maury going on air to say I’m not a B#$$$%?! She forced her daughter to practice piano for hours without even a bathroom break. She even threatened to burn […]