Time Travel and Parisian Salons

12:51 pm

With Lara in a panic about Gus biting other children in pre-school, our dog Amber’s sebaceous cyst returning like a baby pod on her back and my mother insisting her underwear is missing at Friendly Arms, I jumped at the opportunity to relieve stress with the girls. Little did I know I’d be time traveling!

Glee plans on being swept away by the Medicis

If you could travel anywhere to any period of time, where would you go? It seems improbable but this topic came up in conversation during lunch at True Food with Glee and April today: time travel.

Glee’s answer was no surprise as she sipped miso soup.

“I’d be a courtesan in 17th century Italy. I’d have lovers, live in a palatial estate, romance the Medicis and wear lots of jewelry.”

“But, Glee, people hardly bathed and you could lose your head for a small infraction of societal laws.”

“No matter. I’d rule my world,” she says. “Besides, all the men looked like Fabio.”
April offered, “I wouldn’t travel anywhere because I want to stay right here right now. It would be way too much trouble to take my hairstylist, manicurist, massage therapist, trainer and three shih tzus with me.”

Gertude Stein's Parisian Salon

I suggested, “There were music, literary and political salons. I’d like to visit Gertrude Stein’s, an experimental writer and hostess of a Parisian salon where they practiced the art of conversation in the 1920s. She attracted expatriates and the avant-garde. I love her style of writing. ‘A rose is a rose is a rose.’ The way she juxtaposed words and phrases in an order that defied conventional logic and readers’ expectations really inspires me. Besides, she entertained very famous people at her salon.” Then I dug into my healthy fish tacos.

“Is that where everyone comes over and they all get their hair done at once?” April jokes.
“Like who?” Glee wants to know. “I had a legislator at my Day of the Dead party last year.”

As my hand floats to my chest, I recount one of Gertrude’s famous salons with her partner, Alice B. Toklas in attendance. “Can you imagine me sitting in an art-filled room with Pablo Picasso, Cézanne and Henri Matisse discussing art, politics, and writing? A dream come true.”
April suddenly interrupts my day dream.
“I only do one thing a day so packing for the trip would interrupt my schedule of beauty appointments, massages and work outs. Can I watch the video?”
I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. The thought of lounging on a velvet chair in a Parisian salon listening to the near-famous discussing their thoughts is the perfect getaway from all the stress in Scottsdale. Now if I can only invent a time machine to travel back to the 1920s! Something else to put on my “to do” list.

4 Responses to “Time Travel and Parisian Salons”

  1. Lauren Stevens Says:

    Love it. I’d like to party-hop in time travel. Definitely want to stop by the late 17th and 19th centuries when it was sexy to be extra “fleshy” as a woman… more food and wine please!

  2. Jean Rubin Says:

    As a woman with “fleshed out” thighs I heartily approve of Reubens and his artistic view of women!

  3. Book Club Cheerleader Says:

    I just finished “The Paris Wife”, and your raving about Gertrude Stein is so timely! As Hadley (the book is told from her point of view) was talking about visiting Gertrude and Alice, I too, wanted to be there! Cheers! BCC

  4. Jean Rubin Says:

    I’ve been hearing about “The Paris Wife.” You think it’s worthwhile?

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