This past weekend the weather was perfect to get outside for some stress free activities. I called April so we could meet Glee at the Scottsdale Art Festival while our husbands enjoyed a round of golf. Glee was engaged to be the actual art display as a favor for one of her artsy friends. We couldn’t miss it.

I picked up April who was in her “outdoor outfit.” It consisted of Chanel shorts, a glittery T-shirt and cork wedgies. She wore a big hat, Chanel sunglasses and her lips were glossy in the bright sun. I, in turn, wore khaki shorts, one of Maury’s “I’m a Melon” Shirts for kids who lose their hair in chemo and very sensible shoes. We looked like we shouldn’t know each other.

I haven’t been to one of these things in a while. I forgot that it wouldn’t exactly be stress free with all the people! After circling for a parking space I finally found someone pulling out. I patiently stopped to wait and flipped on my blinker. Out of nowhere a Scottsdalian in a black convertible took my spot! It reminded me of the rude lady in her Hummer at AJ’s.

After parking in a lot that seemed as far away as Tempe, April and I found Glee in dressed in cut-offs, a top tied beneath her bosom, wearing a cowboy hat and sprayed completely in gold metallic paint. She was posed with a piece of hay in her mouth so she couldn’t talk to us. It was amazing to see her so still, a tribute to the art of being a manikin.

I was dying for a beverage. Standing in line, my mouth parched from our lack of humidity, I observed I was almost up to the front to purchase a cool refreshing lemonade when a woman with her 5 year old son cut in front of me.

“Excuse me. I’ve been waiting in line,” I said.

“I’m so sorry but my son has been fussy. He’s really hot and I promised him an ice cream cone. I figured you wouldn’t mind.” I couldn’t help but notice her lips didn’t move when she told me this.

“I WANT MY ICE CREAM NOW!!!!” screamed the little boy.

Great. A line cutter with a screaming child. When did parents get so rude?

Suddenly, the young woman behind me in the line starts chatting away on her cell phone.

“Brittany, it’s Tiff. Oh My God! I can’t believe Jake broke up with Heather. I mean she had it coming. Ever since she got that awful spray tan I am surprised he didn’t do it sooner. I know she’s our friend but I am just saying how it is. But don’t tell her I told you that.”

Is it really necessary that Tiffany has to speak so loudly that I can hear her entire conversation?

I remember reading that Phoenix/Scottsdale ranked the12th rudest city in the country. They blamed it on being too hot to smile.

Go figure. How do they explain why people are rude in 80 degree weather in March? When did Scottsdalians become so rude?

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  1. premiere reviews Says:

    I’ve lived all over the U.S. (small towns and big towns) and I think there are rude people and nice people everywhere.

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