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My Mother, the Jeweler

5:24 pm

Jean Rubin’s mother wants to make jewelery out of medication she doesn’t use.

Jean Rubin’s friend, Glee, is excited that the Real Housewives may be coming to Scottsdale!

Jean Rubin’s mother fears the Housewives Burglaries in Chandler, Arizona.

Jean Rubin’s mother wants to go to driving school and Jean thinks there should be different driving schools to fit the different personalities of Scottsdale.


Honeysuckle Is It!

5:53 pm

I do not pay a lot of attention to fashion trends. Between my Stressed in Scottsdale life and a lack of style sense, I get dressed every day with abandon. At least I did until Glee and April called me on a conference call and told me that my wardrobe needed updating. “Look, if you […]

Air pollution, twits and senior reality shows give Jean stress.


Was Erma Funny?

7:00 am

With little time to blog Jean has decided to cop out.

We’re all about family vacations where the manatee eat Lara’s phone and frogs keep up an entire neighborhood.

Cougars are dangerous and bring toilet paper if you travel in Cuba.