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Tiger Mom is making the news.  Apparently this woman is so strict disciplining her children; her husband has been defending her on television. Can you imagine Maury going on air to say I’m not a B#$$$%?! She forced her daughter to practice piano for hours without even a bathroom break. She even threatened to burn […]


Snooki an Author?

11:13 am

I can’t believe I am going to admit I know who this is but I can’t believe Snooki has written her own book.  To top it off I can’t believe her book “A Shore Thing” is on the New York Times Best Seller list. I have been trying to write and publish a book for […]


A Palin’s Moving In!

2:10 pm

Jean is in distress about having a Palin for a neighbor


Are You Happy?

3:14 pm

Jean ‘s friends want to enhance her happiness.

April is convinced jean has Stress Fatigue Syndrome.

Jean’s still stressed even after a vacation and Local Talent gets her out of the house.

Jean’s AC is broken and Maury still has ADD.

Stress leads to weight gain and airline food can curb your appetite.

Money doesn’t buy happiness even in Scottsdale.

Multitasking is dangerous and there could be a boobquake.