Jean Rubin does too much.

Our anxiety about how quickly the pace of our world is catapulting us forward with 24 hour news cycles, social media sites and younger voices setting the mores means we all manage and multi-task. And so it is with Jean Rubin in her roles as mom, wife and career woman. With satirical humor and aplomb she tackles life’s issues from planning her daughter’s wedding, caring for elderly parents, dealing with an underachiever son and standing up to a right-wing legislator, all the while not taking life too seriously.


gossipcomBetween her job at the community college, Maury, her golf-obsessed husband, and  three months to plan her daughter’s wedding, she’s on overload. Add Laurence Duvall, better known as The Mouth, to the mix and she’s got trouble. He writes a weekly column entitled, “RUMORS and innuendoes.” Jean becomes fodder for the gossip monger’s sarcasm while she manages a prissy florist, a bride who insists on wearing red shoes, five Amazon bridesmaids, paranoid elderly parents and a neurotic wedding planner. Laurence steps up his venom.

Jean receives support from her two life long friends: April, a gorgeous busybody, and Glee, a plastic surgery slave addicted to therapy. Days before the wedding with family members converging, someone is found murdered. No one is upset and everyone is a suspect, including Jean! It comes to a rollicking conclusion amidst the rehearsal dinner, the posh wedding, an arrest and Jean’s sigh of relief.



Jean Rubin’s life erupts with problems on every front. Her son Michael shows up with his pregnant girlfriend, Rosa, a Latina Jennifer Lopez wannabe with Rosie Perez attitude. She fails the daughter of a right-wing legislator with immense popular support who threatens to wreak havoc at the college where Jean teaches. While her department head insists she change the grade and the Dean applying pressure, she takes on a fight for academic freedom. And, to complicate matters April and Glee introduce them to a couple who have their sites on the pocketbooks of Scottsdale’s finest.

Jean’s three problems rise to hilarious and bizarre levels of stress. Maury, her absent-minded husband, inadvertently rescues them.


stressedcoverJean Rubin’s keen observant eye tracks the upscale community of Scottsdale with its Asian nail salons, spas, expensive gourmet food emporiums and mammogram hell. She encounters the stresses of daily life wherever she goes especially when she gets involved in a Green Party campaign to save the environment. Her nemesis, a legislator with scurrilous practices, inserts herself into Jean’s world. Add the mix of a laconic husband with ADD, demanding children and technology that complicates her life and she’s over the edge. With friends. April and Glee, a Rock Burglar on the loose and roof rats invading the yard, Jean’s looking for solace.

We invite you to follow Jean as she sorts through life and her charming yet sometimes annoying family and friends who all want to give her advice on how to run her life. Jean is smart, funny and original. She views her world and the one around her with a unique eye and great spirit. She’ll make you smile and even laugh out loud!